An evening training with sprinters

I studied at Sports Science at West London Institute between 1988-1991. When I started university, I had recently stopped competitive boxing. A strange decision in some way as university offered so many training benefits. I began training with Ian Tullet, a pole vaulter who won the Silver medal in the 1990 Commonwealth Games.  Ian was an amazing athlete. He could climb a rope upside down, hold himself horizontal from a lamppost and could leap over fences.

One evening we went to track to do 4 x 300m. I imagined this would not take too long.  In my mind we would run round for about 15 minutes and then do the 4 x 300s, and bit of jog afterwards. Some stretching would be in there and the session would take about 45 mins. The session was very different.

We warmed up with the sprinters at the Linford Christie stadium, a warm up that involved a lot of stretching and relatively few strides.  The focus of their warm-up was speed and protecting themselves against injury. Their gradually increased the intensity of the short drills, with what seemed like lengthy recovery periods involving lots of stretching (and talking and laughing).

WWe did one 400m and then jogged very slowly for a 400m before heading back to the warm up area for another period of stretching.