Coping with negative thoughts
and emotions during running

  • If someone passes you?

  • If you see the watch and see you
    are not going to achieve your goal?

  • If you pass someone?

  • If you are totally focused on what
    you are doing?

  • If you see the watch and its says
    you will achieve your goal?
Do you want to change these feelings?
Yes they are negative - click to find out how
No, I find that they are positive - click to find out why  
Psychological skills: worth learning and using as part of
training regime
You practice training physically and so why not practice
training to get it right mentally??
I developed powerpoint presentation that allows you to explore the
scenarios above with tips and explanations based on research.
In a running race, think about how you would
think and feel in the following scenarios
Be mindful....
Let negative thoughts go over your like clouds in the sky

Your negative thoughts want effect your mindset no matter
how hard they come; like a
smooth rock in a rapid

Run smoothly and efficiently and get an image of running in a
relaxed and efficient way