We have worked with a number of different companies and organisations to help them evaluate their product. We help identify parts that went well and areas for
development. All companies interested in progressing and keeping their share of the market need to focus on improving their product. Here we go through some
of the work.
We worked with a drinks company to
investigate the effects of using it on  
not only physical performance, but
also concentration.
We worked with audiofuel on a number of projects. We
investigated whether listening to audiofuel helped runners
manage their emotions.

We found that runners that listened to audiofuel felt better
and performed better. We conducted a scientific study and
the results are published in the Journal of Sports Science
and Medicine
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With audiofuel we provided materials for the
London Marathon including audiofuel and a
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Visit the audiofuel website; try
the music out and let us know
what you think. Did it work for
Open audiofuel
Our work with audiofuel led to providing material for
the NHS couch to 5km series.
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Does simulating natural light lead to better mood?
Do ergogenic aids help you go faster?
Can you test whether it works??
    a) Get an accurate assessment of performance at baseline.
    b) Use the product
    c) Re-test whether you have improved.
    d) Reflect on whether the intervention worked or not? Was it your
    beliefs that made it work?  Read more
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