Performing in extreme environments
We have worked on a number of projects with athletes
performing in extreme environments. Typically, we conduct
some tests in laboratory conditions to see how athletes
cope. We also like to use open-ended methods to capture
the unique experiences and sometimes remarkable ways
which athletes cope.

Below are some examples of our work.  Almost all of my
work on this area has been conducted with
Prof Greg Whyte
Winter Olympic Games
In 2001 and 2002, we helped support the GB biathlon team in preparation for the Olympic Games. This involved helping them learn to adapt to performing at altitude.
See what we did and what we found

Since then we have written a review on coping in extreme environments that was published in the Journal of Sports Sciences  and conducted an experiment in the Journal of Sports
Science and Medicine

Strategies that people can use to help cope with the effects of altitude are descried in an article published in the professional magazine Peak Performance.
We have written articles in Peak Performance on Swimming the Channel  and running the North Pole Marathon