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Sport performance is a blend of physical fitness, psychological toughness, and skill. But..estimating how much any on
these factors contributes to sport performance is difficult.  What we can say is that certain sports seem to require
different qualities.
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Case study of a boxer
We did a performance profile which revealed he did very little
mental training. After introducing psychological skills training
he found he had more energy.

Psychological skills training focused on teaching him relaxation
skills so that he could use the recovery between rounds better.

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See Case studies book for a fabulous book on case studies in
sports science and medicine
Key points
  • You examined the relative contribution of
    psychology, skill, and physiological factors to  
    successful performance.

  • This almost always shows that people believe
    psychological factors are very important, but
    that this is not the focus of training.

  • So the next question is: How do I build
    psychology into my training?

Prof Dan Gould on Performance Profile
Dan Gould on performance profile, video 3
Performance profile 2
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