About us

We have been researching, consulting and publishing since 1995 and based in Lichfield in the
Midlands. We have worked with one-to-one clients and sporting bodies with people who want to
perform better, feel better and healthier.

We work with individuals, groups, and from elite to recreational, in a range of different sports and to
do in a friendly supportive way. Email us your story and we will see if we can help.

Helen Lane has a PhD in attitudes to eating among exercisers. She has authored several
articles including the commonly used measure of mood called the
The Brunel Mood Scale and a
version of the
Eating Attitude Test.

Andy Lane has a PhD and is BASES accredited sport and exercise scientist, a fellow of BASES,
Chartered by the
British  Psychological Society, and a psychologist registered with the Health
Professionals Council (
see registration details).

We are both runners. We ran the London marathon in 2015 as "good for age runners" where Andy
completed his first sub 3 hour marathon. Both of us have run over 200
parkruns. Helen ran 120km
at the "
Thunderun" 24-hour event in 2015.

The idea for the website was to bring our work together under one roof. For
students, we hope this
is useful. There are lectures, presentations, links to articles, and links to
videos; some of the videos
ours and others are produced by world leading authors.

For athletes, coaches, and people interested in managing unwanted inner states, there are
on psychological skills training techniques such as imagery, anxiety regulation, and emotion
regulation. There are some really good features including videos on psychological skills that we
located on the website. There is information and resources for people wanting change their
eat healthier, move more often, enjoy life more.

Please use the website, and please give us feedback. Please get in touch if we can help you
achieve your goals.  
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