Enabling Flexible Control" - Warren Mansell's May Davidson Award Lecture - DCP 2011
Youtube and social media are fabulous ways of sharing information. There are so many fabulous clips and programmes available. The only thing I
find it knowing whether they are any good. And so what I have done is selected a few videos, and provided a brief comment on why this is useful.

If you know of good videos, then get in touch. Use the link to share your ideas and we can discuss it further.
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An interesting talk that discusses many relevant issues;

a) Evidence might support the effectiveness of a theory,
but you need to look at the type of evidence that was
gathered, and whether it applies to each person.

b) Diagnosis is important for specific treatment, but
common treatments that help multiple issues might be a
more useful and economic approach..

It is a fabulous presentation....
Enabling Flexible Control
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