Presented at the world-class Plymouth Life Centre to hear about the research that lies behind the perfect dive. Andy Banks, coach of
Team GB stars such as Tom Daley will discuss how research brings out the best in his athletes. Professor Alan Wing, an expert in
human movement, will discuss his work on how divers synchronise their movements and Professor Andrew Lane will discuss
‘emotion regulation’ - working with athletes to maximise their performance under pressure. Sports scientist Professor Steve Haake will
host this interactive evening, and Dr David James will lead discussion on how far research and new technologies should be used in
the quest to win gold.
Emotion Regulation of Others and Self
was a 4 year project funded by he
Economic and Social Research Council
I gave a lecture online called "I am want to perform better".

The idea behind this work was examine look at which emotions people experience when they
compete and how they would like to change their emotions if they want to perform better.

We look at a few of the studies we did as part of the EROS project. We did a study that
examined changes in emotion in riders doing the Ride Across America. Another study
tracked runners in the Marathon of Britain.
There has been a great deal of media work on the EROS
project. At the BBC mail box in Birmingham; not glamorous...
"Shall I strap a battery to my head and other
questions about emotion".

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Example chapter "Can you run yourself happy?