Exercise is enjoyable; can be enjoyable if you let it
Can I run myself happy??
We know that exercise is good for our health. We know that we should exercise more and
walking and running are easy to do as they require very little equipment
just a bit a motivation!

The hardest thing is getting out of the front door. We say to people; just walk or run for 5
minutes and if you want to turn round and come back at that point, then do so.

Don't go fast, if you don't want to, just aim to get out. With the goal being to get out and move,
it can be achieved! And after achieving it a few times, getting out becomes easy to do, and

Everyone can achieve running goals, feel a sense of achievement and feel happier and
healthier. Just "
do a Gump"!!

Forrest Gump ran because he wanted to, he ran until he stopped enjoying it, but he allowed
himself to enjoy it, not pressurise himself with times or position. We find it inspiring.
Eddie Izzard did it in real life in his run with
Prof Greg Whyte.  

You don't have to run a marathon every day, but can learn to love running, to run for happiness
and health...
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