Running in Lichfield and District
For latest session see the Facebook group "Lichfield and District".
This is not a running club; it is where runners from Lichfield and District can arrange to meet and its where I post my sessions.
Its for all runners; slow runners, fast runners, marathon runners, 10km runners...

For latest discussions on training and sports science see the Facebook group "Running Training Ideas"
Some Local races

parkrun - a free 5km run that takes place at 9.00am each Saturday. There are parkruns at Walsall,
Brueton, Coventry, Kingsbury water, Cannons, Conkers and many many more all around the country and
around the World. Have a look at the
parkrun website; you need a barcode and a good mood; that's it and
you can even turn up grumpy as parkrun will send you home happy! See video of
Brueton parkrun

KP events organise and run some very successful local events including the Fradley 10km, Lichfield
half-marathon and Tamworth 10km.

Centurion series. 1st Sunday in the month (see A very
friendly race over 5 miles on closed paths. Raffle at the end; sit near Helen Lane for a chance of winning!
(not known as lucky Helen for nothing)....
Centurion Grand Prix
Training sessions

Setting goals
You should plan your year by thinking carefully about what you want from running. This could be to achieve a certain time, position, or completing a race. It could be about staying healthy
and enjoying running; there are lots of ways to enjoy running and knowing what you want can clearly help you work towards getting it.
Who can come?
All standards - beginner to experienced; old and young and especially people coming back from injury. Sessions are clear in terms of where they are and what will be done.

If you are unsure then come to the "Interval session". Interval sessions are often described in a scary way; as if they are for headcases! And there are runners who are headcases!!!! who
just love punishing themselves. If you are like that, then you can come. You are at one of an extreme but there is another extreme. If you are starting out or recently injured or very unfit, then
you need to run a bit and then walk a bit; well that is an interval too and so you can come too.

Can this work in one session?? Yes easily. Lets say we have an 3 min interval; that is the aim is to run for 3 mins. Some of you will run very hard whilst others might wonder whether you
can run for 3 mins. And so off you go on the same piece of road. When we hit 3 mins, the whistle is blown or we look at our watches and slow down. The fastest runners turn around and jog
to meet the slower runners. We take a 2 min recovery and the repeat. 6 x 3 mins intervals is a great session.

This principle can be applied to hill climb sessions. In each session the fastest runners will go to the front and challenge each others; people will find a level and someone to compare
themselves against and this helps motivation. Everyone starts each rep going the same direction. The run is safe, really safe because we are looking after each other.
Local runners featured on the popular running podcast Marathon Talk.

In the Archive section you can listen to lots and lots of excellent interviews.

Episode 166 -
Richard Whitehead
Team GB 2012 Paralympic Gold Medallist Richard Whitehead and
Professor Andrew Lane chat to Martin.

October 2012
Episode 147 - Tricia Bunn
Adam ‘over half way’ Chattaway updates us after Nairobi and Dublin, we chat to Marathon Talk ‘ever present’, and Boston 2013 qualifier Tricia Bunn.

May 2012
Episode 125 -
Jason Hartmann
Boston 2012 4th placer Jason Hartmann is on the show. The podium is full and we talk heart rates with
Dr Garry Palmer (see
Tweets by @lichfieldruns
STRAVA ( is a free tool that links to most satnav watches and
phones. Many runners record their runs on STRAVA. You can join challenges such as how
many miles can you run per month. You see your friends runs and can offer comment and
guide "kudos". Its easy to use and its fun. Sign-up and lets get a community.
Lichfield and District
Our philosophy
To set up sessions and a meeting place both virtual and real when people who like running or want to enjoy running can meet; thats it.  There are facebook forums to discuss ideas and
there are sessions where we can run. Everyone can set up a session and invite others to come with them; you are inviting your friends.  There are no leaders and followers as such; just
people with a shared interest. There are people who know more about the area, have worked out what the session will involve etc. but no-one is in charge of anyone else but themselves.
Centurion 5-mile 6 race series, Solihull, Nov to April
Brueton parkrun
Speed training session in Lichfield - improvise
Yassoo 800m - how to do it in Lichfield without a track