When you have studied this chapter, you should be able to:

  • 1) Evaluate relationships between physical activity and self-esteem reported in
    the literature and be aware of methodological factors influencing this relationship
  • 2) Evaluate the conceptual exercise-self-esteem model of Sonstroem and
    Morgan (1989) and evidence that has examined this model.
  • 3) Understand and evaluate the methods available to assess self-esteem in
    relation to physical activity
  • 4) Consider examples of how self-esteem operates in practice across the lifespan
Physical activity and self-esteem
Useful resources
UKactive have been doing a great deal of work promoting physical activity. They set up a
research Institute in which Chris Beedie, Greg Whyte and Andy Lane are members.

The research institute authored an article that examined the future of research in this
area. Its worth perusing UKactive webpages.
UKactive Research Institute with publications
Mike Duncan
Emma Eyre